Safety & Policies

Your child’s safety

Nothing is more important to us at Kids on Wheels than your child’s safety. We strive to create an exciting and safe environment for your child each and every ride. Listed below are a few of the ways we provide first-rate care for our kids.


A Safe Ride

We have a strictly enforced set of guidelines that everyone from the parent to the child to the driver is made aware of and understand the importance of. These guidelines are used to decrease distractions, and to promote safety on the road.

Safe Drivers

Each of our drivers undergoes extensive screening and are properly licensed and insured.

Safe Vehicles

All vehicles in use by Kids on Wheels are frequently maintenanced and checked to ensure that they remain in good condition and repair. 

Rules & Regulations

  1. Loud noises or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.
  2. Children must remain seated at all times while the van is moving.
  3. Children will be required to wear seat belts when the van is moving.
  4. Please instruct children to only get into the Kids on Wheels van.
    The van is red inside and the Kids on Wheels logo painted on the outside of the van.
  5. It is extremely important for your child to be ready at the pre-arranged time.
  6. If you are not at home at the time arranged, you will be charged for another trip.
  7. Two days notice will be needed to service any request that may arise.
  8. It will be the parent’s responsibility to contact me if pick-up has been cancelled.